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1. pre-service

(1) Warmly receive the user's visit and quickly handle the user's calls, letters, faxes, and other consulting.

(2) Welcome customers to visit the company in the selection phase. The companies are willing to provide technical information of the related products and provide  technical advice on time and answer user’s questions. If it is needed, the company will help the customers who are not familiar with the product to select which are the most suitable products with the correct specifications and models.

(3) If needs, our company can provide the users valves knowledge training.


2. On-purchase services

(1) After signing the contract, the company welcomes the users’ supervision. For the  reasonable opinion presented by personnel assigned by users about the quality of valve manufacturing, the company will  improve promptly and cooperate actively with personnel assigned by users, and provide convenience in work and life for them.

(2) The company should organize the production strictly in accordance with the technical requirements of the contract and the related national standards, make sure the quality and quantity, and deliver the products on time at the agreed place.

(3) factory inspection. Before delivery, according to user requirements, the company should notify the user to join in the factory inspection. The company will provide personnel assigned by users convenience in work and life.

(4) Before shipping, the company will notify the users and provide them with product quality assurance and cargo delivery note.

(5) When Valves are shipped to the user, if needs, the company will send someone to join together to participate in the acceptance.

(6) If needs, our company could provide free user training on the use and maintenance of valves and guide users to correct construction on site.

(7) If a user request early delivery due to selection error, lack of the quantity ordered or other special circumstances, our company will be urgent to meet user’s needs, solve the special situation, give priority to production and make the greatest efforts to meet users’ requirements.


3. After-sales service

(1) the company implements system of afer-sales service within 24 hours. That is to say when we got the notice that the user needs after-sales service we guarantee to respond within 4 hours, and send someone immediately to the on-site service.

(2) If there is quality problem exists in the quality guarantee periods, after mutual confirmation,if it is our responsibility, we is the responsible for proper handle it, exchange or return it for free. Reasonable expenses are borne by the company.

(3) After mutual confirmed by both parties,if it is the user’s responsibility that lead to the quality problems, the company will also actively help to solve the problems and make efforts to meet the user's requirements.

(4) If the products that the user have ordered are more than the actual needs or  cannot be used due to design changes,our company will actively cooperate with the user to do rehabilitation work and to reduce their burden.

(5) In the installation process, If needs, our company will promptly send  professional and technical personnel to provide free technology services and to meet customer’s needs.

(6) The company establish user profiles and regularly visit or contact them through writing and calling in order to get comments and suggestions of users. Through analyzing of their suggestions and quality problems, the company constantly improve its management and further improve product quality and marketing service to realize the pursuit of perfection and to meet the needs of users.