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I. The spirit of Ming Jiang


The “evergreen” one of 7000 valve enterprises


Experts of ultra-corrosion, ultra-high temperature, cryogenic, ultra-hazardous media valve


Meticulous care, feel like home


three-tier network, 35 quality control points and 750 customer resources


II. Ming Jiang action culture

1. management philosophy

Process is the foundation, system is the code, communication is the culture, management is the services

2. service philosophy

No immediately respond, but effective reply

No personal service, but group support

No promised discount , but cash value

3. talent philosophy

Responsibility, capability, mind, strategy

4. the marketing philosophy

Dedication and hard working, emotional investment


III. Ming jiang cultural image

1. Ming jiang eight criteria

Respect the enterprise: appreciate to the enterprise, growing together, long time development

Respect the department: maintain unity in the department, assist harmony out of the department

Respect others: tender gratitude, listen carefully, communicating with patient, ready to help others

Respect yourself: dares to bear, low key life, be modest, sincere dedication

Experts or Students: be an experts and a students at the same time

Independence: don’t complain, constantly strive to become stronger, positioning themselves

Subject to execution: obey arrangement of the leader, stick to it, dose not of come off sentry duty is to step down

Clear relationship: enterprise colleague relationships , family relationships , social relationships

2. Ming jiang spiritual kernel

Stability: on behalf of our steady pace of development

Wisdom: on behalf of our wisdom of management team

Practical reality: on behalf of our decisions which is suitable to actual circumstance

Effect: on behalf of our operation speed and efficiency

Feeling of gratitude: on behalf of our employees’ gratitude